MSI 770 C45 vs GA-MA785GM-US2H

Topic says it all. I've read a few reviews on both but I can't make up my mind. The Gigabyte probably overclocks better but the MSI has a few neat features. This willl probably come down to a Gigabyte vs MSI debate, but I need some opinions.
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  1. Well actually I might just ditch these boards all together for Asrock EXTREME3 AMD 870. It's a steal in poland for around 300 zł = 100 USD compared to other boards.
  2. I just purchased on of those Gigabyte boards. It has an updated bios ( rev. 3.3 board and F8 bios ) and you can put a 6 core on it if you want. I wouldn't touch the other one. Even though MSI has come a long ways that board is a little too old and not of the quality that they are now. Overclocking a lot mat be a problem. There are no heat sinks on the mosfets for some reason. Good air flow would be a must.
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