2 SSD drives, to RAID or not to RAID. that tis the question

Hey guys,

Im hoping to pick up another intel 320 120gb ssd sometime in the near future. i was wondering if i could RAID 0 them with my mobo, or if I should JBOD them. If RAID 0 isnt a valid option i might go for a smaller ssd just for OS and leave the 120 for my programs. In case its important, i use my comp mainly for producing\djing music, games, and then other stuff.

Me Specs:
Mobo - Gigabyte 790fxt-ud5p http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128377
CPU - Phenom 955 at stock
RAM - 8 gigs
SSD - 1 intel 320 120gb
HDD 2x 1 tb hdd and 1x 500 gb hdd

thanks guys!
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  1. you can raid them but you lose trim support
  2. and what does that mean exactly?
  3. andrew66655321 said:
    and what does that mean exactly?

    When a file is deleted, a SSD normally needs to do a read/rewrite operation to the nand chips. As the ssd gets full, it will take a long time to find space, perhaps seconds. The trim command when passed to the SSD as part of the delete tells the ssd to just release the space in it's control structure. Very fast.

    I suggest just adding the extra SSD drive whenever you start to run out of space. With any luck, the next generation of Intel ssd's will launch before you need the space.
    That is my plan A. Plan B is to move my 120gb ssd to a laptop and replace it with a 240gb ssd.
  4. thanks man that helped alot! maybe i will just get a smaller ssd for just the OS and save the 120 for my apps.
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