Will I expect a performance boost in Win7?

Does Window 7 have random slow downs like Vista? I know that i'm not the only one that gets this.... but then again it could just be a inevitable thing that all Windows products have. Anyhow, I would like to know before upgrading from Vista x32 to Win7 x64.
My computer supports the 64 bit architecture and is a "go" for the upgrade process.
My only worry is that I will have the same results as that of Vista. The only reason that I'm wanting to upgrade to Win7 are to escape the slow downs I am getting ever so often. (I've found closing large programs out on Vista tend to trigger it to suddenly slow down and I have to let it sit for a few hours before it climbs out of its loop) I don't bog my system down and I know how to keep a speedy computer clean from to many programs bombing it. I just find Vista a failure to carry out the tasks I would like for it to do. (Damn should of bought a mac; when is the last time you saw a "Program Not Responding" message over the window?)
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  1. Windows7 will definitely improve your situation; however, I would recommend a clean install instate of an upgrade.

    And Yes you can do a clean install from an upgrade version of Windows7.

    How much memory do you have?
  2. Also if u have an SSD, it works better in Win 7, as the OS is optimized for SSD.+1^
  3. I have had Win 7 for 6 or 7 months and have NEVER had a BSOD. I moved from Win XP. Have never used a Mac.
    BTW. if you are thinking of buying a new WI7 install, read the very informative thread about this in Tom's. I suggest the full version as I update often.
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