Using paper clip as a heat shield on usb flash drive

I am thinking of buying a usb 3.0 32GB flash drive and I read while using it for large files, one user said he put a large black paper clip on it to work as a heat shield. Will someone please explain to me how to do that? Thanks!
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  1. bend the paper clip into the appropriate shape and attach the paper clip to a page of the book that you read, it will stop the usb drive burning a hole through your book. You can try bending it into an elephant, but we all know penguins make better heat shields.
  2. You would have to break off any plastic covering on the drive, thus voiding your warranty im sure to do any good. Because to dissapate any heat the paper clip is going to have to be in direct contact with the memory modules.

    The real question is why would you want to do this. I wasnt aware of big heat problems with usb drives. And better yet they make stick on memory module heat sinks check these out -
  3. These are for rams. will it work for usb flash drive and if so, how? I just read a few user reviews on this flash drive saying that it does tend to get alittle hot while transfering large files.
  4. It shouldn't be a problem...
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  7. not you,the op
  8. Quote:
    You would accept to breach off any artificial accoutrement on the drive, appropriately abolishment your assurance im abiding to do any good. Because to dissapate any calefaction the cardboard blow is traveling to accept to be in absolute acquaintance with the anamnesis modules.

    :fou: Grammar Police :fou:
    Generally wordy. Abolishment is a noun. 'Because to' is invalid. Second sentence has no noun and is a run-on.
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