Intel core 2 duo T9300 vs intel i7

I'm guessing this will be fairly easy for you guys. I simply wants to know what is the most powerful chip between the intel core 2 duo T9300 and the intel I7-720QM ?
(I want to know if this is worth replacing my laptop basically)
Thank you,
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  1. I7 more powerful chip is it worth upgrading? That depends what you need the laptop for but an I7 is a waste in a laptop it eats up too much power and can not be utilized to its fullest. For a laptop an I5 will be more then enough for anything you do on a laptop.

    So why dont you tell us what you are using this laptop for?
  2. The i7-720QM is much better than the T9300.

    Here you have an useful benchmark:
  3. Thanks to both of you for your answers.

    What I use it for
    - Spreadsheet processing (Excel)
    - Querying database (Access)
    - Multimedia
    - Internet

    Not playing games with it.

    I'll have a look at the benchmark sheet for sure. I'm a bit of a technology victim; I try to get the most performant component although I don't really need to. :) Yes, Dell and all of the others like me a bit :D
  4. i7 is the fastest period
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