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I've recently bought a new rig with a 5970 and i've got a few questions concerning monitors and 3d..

Firstly, i've heard talkof ATI making 3d steroscopic drivers that allow compatible cards to work with a 3d monitor and glasses but i've yet to find a reliable source as to whether there has been any progress on this?

Next, I'm very interested in the upcoming Acer 24" GD245HQ 3d monitor. I have a 19" Benq monitor that i'd like to dual screen with the Acer. Here's the problem... the 5970 has 2 Dual-Link DVI-I & 1 Mini DisplayPort, and the Acer monitor has 1x Analogue, 1x DVI-D & 1x HDMI port. If i understand 3d correctly, 2 inputs are required for the monitor (1 for each 60Hz image) for 3d to work correctly. So firstly...is it possible to connect the 2 DVI-I ports on the 5970 to the DVI-D and Analogue port on the Acer monitor? and if so, what adapters would I need?

Secondly, the addition of the Benq monitor for dual screening... The only remaining port on the card after the Acer monitor attached to it would be the mini display port; Is there a way I could connect that to my Benq monitor which from memory I think has a VGA and a DVI port ?(and if so what adapter would I need?)

Sorry for the wall of text, it's just I wanted a second opinion because if set on dual screening, and if I can't dual screen the Acer with my Benq using the 5970, theres no point in me buying the Acer monitor!

Thanks :)
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  1. Ok, aside form the 3d part of the post that i'm still not sure about, i'll make the other bit easier :P

    Radeon 5970: 2 Dual-Link DVI-I & 1 Mini DisplayPort
    Monitor1: 1x Analogue, 1x DVI-D & 1x HDMI port
    Monitor2: 1x VGA, 1x DVI

    Is it possible to dual screen using the available ports shown above, and if so what apaters would I need to faciliate it?

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