My computer screen just went black and it started humming and I cant turn it off

My HP laptop screen just went black and it started humming and I can't shut it down? What going to happen after the battery runs sown?
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  1. Hi jadams1939, have you tried to hold in the power button on laptop until it shuts-down?

    Also, would help if we knew the exact model number so can check on web if its a known problem.

    To be honest, it sounds like your screen has failed completely, wait to see if the hard shutdown and then try to power on again after a minute solves problem.

    The humming sound, from any component whether a laptop of pc is not a good sign. You are hopefully still inside your warranty, as some screen replacements can be very expensive.

    Try holding the power button in untill the laptop turns it self off ( called a hard shutdown ) and then wait a minute before powering on again.

    Once battery runs down, then obviously you would need to charge up again before being able to power on laptop!

    Good luck and let us know how you get on :-)
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