Are these temps ok?

Hello all, i just went out and bought everything for my first build yesterday! :D I bought a msi785gm-e65 motherboard, athlon ii x3 435 processor, 500gb 7200rpm sata hard drive, 4gb ddr3 1333mhz cL-9 ram.

I didn't realize that the stock heat sink had thermal paste on it already, so i had put a dot of the arctic silver in the middle and applied my heat sink. After i got the system together (didn't work first time had a short from case :na: ) i booted up and went into the bios. It says my cpu temp is 43 Celsius! This is super high isn't it? Should i remove the heat sink and clean off all of the thermal paste on the processor and heat sink? Also what is the best way to apply the arctic silver? Isn't it to just put a small dab right in the middle of the processor, move it around a little, and then clamp it down? Oh and how do i remove the thermal paste? Alcohol and a coffee filter?

Im waiting on the windows 7 to come which should be here today! Can't wait to get this thing running!

Also my case has 1 120mm fan blowing air out, and 2 80mm fans taking air in, don't you usually want more air blowing out than coming in?
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  1. yeah, 43 is a little high for BIOS load, LOL, i would take off the HS/F and clean any goo from both of them, it depends on the HS/F, but if it is a flat surface, just add a little dab (less than a pea size, maybe 1/3 of pea size) of AS5 on the HS/F and apply it to the CPU, if it is HDT with rows (as it were), then a different strategy is at hand.
  2. Nope, it is a flat surface. Its just the stock hs/f alright well while im waiting for my win 7 to show up i will do this. Actually im gonna do it right now :) Ill get back to you and let ya know what they are after that.
  3. Yes, 45 C is high for idle temps.

    Isopropyl alcohol - at least 90% - is best. A piece of coffee filter is good because it is lint free and very slightly abrasive.

    Suggestions for applying thermal compound:

    Two 80 mm fans will move about the same amount of air as one 120 mm, just not as quietly.
  4. Okay so i used isopropyl alcohol and a coffee filter to remove the thermal paste. I applied a dab of the arctic silver and booted up. At first i was running 35 Celsius and now im up to 42 Celsius :fou: Why is it doing this? Should i apply the paste a different way?
  5. So i read that article and applied the paste a different way. Still getting the same temps. Also i notice that when i take my heat sink off the thermal paste isnt a gooey substance. It's hard and cracked like its baked on there. Does this mean i am applying to much thermal paste?
  6. what thermal paste are you using? Arctic Silver 5?
  7. Not necessarily applying too much. I'm a little confused why it would be hard and cracked, but I know AS5 DOES cure and will not perform its best until it has cured (a couple of days and thermal cycles). However, I wouldn't worry as much about idle temps as load temps. Just apply AS5, get the sink on there and boot up. Watch temps in windows and run something to load the CPU (prime95 will get it going well:-) See what types of temps you get at load and then let us know and we can help you more. If load temps are still getting high with AS5, then you may want to get an aftermarket CPU Cooler.
  8. I am using arctic silver 5 thermal compound. Okay i will try that when my os comes today flyinfinni. Also i have been playing around in the BIOS and when i go to unlock the 4th core using ACC it doesn't wanna work =( But i have managed to overclock it to 3.5ghz easily and idle temps are only 2 Celsius warmer. I will put it back to stock and then run prime 95 and see what my temps are.
  9. Umm... how are you OCing when you don't have an OS? Its easy to boot into BIOS at some pretty high overclocks, but getting into your OS is a totally different thing.
  10. Yeah, thats why i said i was going to put it back to stock and boot into my os then start overclocking. I didn't mess with anything in the BIOS either. My mobo has a switch on it that allows it to over clock at 10% 15% or 20%.
  11. Ahh ok. It'll be interesting to see how things turn out when you get it actually running and OCed :-)
  12. Yeah im excited i can't wait! :) I am upgrading from a socket 939 athlon 64 2.4ghz single core, 1 gig ddr ram, AGP card slot. I am only 15 years old too so im kinda on a tight budget just using integrated graphics now but can get them up to 512mb looking in the BIOS. :)

    Also i have been letting the computer idle in the BIOS for a bit at the 3.5ghz speeds and it was at 45 Celsius first and then it dropped down to 43 Celsius. I returned it to stock config and its at 41 Celsius now and will hopefully drop a little more. Should i be breaking the AS5 in like this or under load?
  13. Doesn't matter too much. Just turning on, turning off and messing with settings and rebooting, etc. will do plenty to cure your AS5. Installing windows will do plenty as well with reboots, loads, etc. No worries on that front:-)
  14. Alright i will let it run i gotta run into town quick and pick up another SATA connector for my dvd drive to connect to my mobo! Ill let you guys know what my temps and such are after installing the os later and let you know what i can get my clocks to and if i can unlock the fourth or not :)
  15. Ok BIG problems. Whenever i get into windows and go to run prime 95 on the stock system it locks up! The longest i have had it run is about 2 minutes and temps get into 57 celsius! Is this why i keep locking up cause of my temps?
  16. Alright i think i got the AS5 on there better this time. SpeedFan shows CPU temp at 32C. Then when i go to run prime95, it locks up right away again. Can anyone help? :(

    EDIT: I think i may have found an issue to the problems!

    If those are the correct RAM voltages, and voltages for cpu i think that is my problem! I have ddr3 ram not ddr2! They shouldn't be any higher than 1.65 for RAM i wouldnt think.
  17. Ok- Your temps don't seem to be having too much trouble at this point. Seem ok. However- the thing that looks suspicious to me in your speedfan is the +12V.... What PSU are you running? Unless speedfan is reporting wrong (don't know how reliable it is) then you've got a serious +12V problem. Also- thats the VRAM voltage- so video-ram. Not your System RAM, so don't freak about that (though I don't know hat that number should be).
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