.7 or 4.1 turbo boost worth it?

I have a alienware motherboard and a i7 3.4ghz and i found out i can boost it to or "turbo boost" it to 4.1ghz but i have to turn up my fans in my case the temps reach like 50-65c and i play bf3 and high end games with a radeon hd 6990 and i was wondering if it was worth boosting it or is 3.4 ghz good and what does that .7 ghz actually give me like 10 fps or other gaming experience changes.
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    to find out how much of a difference .7ghz makes, you could do a before and after benchmark. but if you are running an i7@3.4, i dont think you would be bottlenecking that card, so you probably wouldnt notice much of a difference
  2. intel turbo boost should work by default(you dont need turn it on),but if you mean overclocking, i advise to dont do overclocking unless you need it ,but if you want to know how much faster with overclocking i7-2600k (which its a little bit slower than i7-3770k)here is all you need to know,2850-6.html
  3. here are some cpu benchmarks with overclocked CPU and high-end graphics cards,2961-12.html
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