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I just bought the ViewSonic VX2433WM and we are using it temporarily as our "HDTV" via HDMI from our cable-box (Comcast, if it matters). You can select the format on the cable box to 480, 720i, 720p, and 1080i. When I select 1080i I get thin horizontal lines coming from the right side of the monitor. If I set it to 720p the lines don't show up. In fact, if I set it to 720i it doesn't show up, but you can see a slight flicker of the image like CRT TVs produce.

I was just wondering if HD monitors have a lot of trouble displaying interlaced signals? It wouldn't surprise me a bit if the monitor has more trouble than a real HDTV, but when I connect the monitor up to my wife's laptop using HDMI and go through the available modes, Interlaced options are available which leads me to believe that it should be able to display interlaced signals without a problem. Any insight?
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