Battlefield 3 will not install on a second HDD

Hi everyone, this is my first post in Tom's Hardware, but I have read many and since you all seem to be great at figuring things out I thought I'd drop my question here.

I installed Battlefield 3 on my original hard drive (C drive), but the loading times are awful considering that the drive is 3 years old. My bright idea was to move it to my second, newer hard drive and most recently to my new SSD.

Obviously, simply copy-pasting the containing file doesn't work out too well and neither did clonezilla. The issue isn't that the files don't move (They do), its that Origin refuses to acknowledge that.

The next approach I took was to Uninstall the game fully and reinstall it through Origin with the directory set to my HDD/SSDs. Rather than installing on the better drive, the game created a file and installed back onto my crappy old C drive. Short of clean installing my OS I have really no idea what to do.

P.S. this system worked fine for all other Origin games
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  1. You will have to re install! Moving it simply leaves the path for it in registry in the old place!
  2. Oh sorry if that wasn't clear, I did re-install many times. THe problem is that every time it installed back onto the original drive rather than the new ones.

    I did think it was probably a registry issue, but I wasn't sure how to approach deleting/repairing them.
  3. You should be able to choose install location! You might have to choose custom install though!
  4. I set the install directory through Origin and as far as I can tell there is no custom install. I'll check on that though
  5. I have never installed anything through Origin but with normal programs that is the way it works.
  6. Through origin there is no option for custom install
  7. Is origin installed on the main drive on the computer?
  8. Not any more, it is now installed on the secondary drive (F)
  9. Or rather, it is installed on the drive where I'm trying to install the game
  10. And it still does not install the game there?
  11. Nope, it creates a folder in the C drive and installs it there
  12. Origins is a FAIL SPYWARE PROGRAM
  13. Yep. So far I've gathered that much.
  14. Have you considered setting your system up with the OS on your fast drive for a snappier system?
  15. Sorry if this is digging up a old post or the OP has found his solution, but i just wanted to share how this a very easy fix.

    My OS is on drive C:\ and my second HD is on D:\

    On the top bar of Origin click "Origin" and a drop down menu will appear.
    Click "Application Settings..."
    Make sure you are on the "General Tab"
    Below "Downloaded Games" it gives you an option to either change the installation folder or revert back to the default folder.
    Simply click "Change..." and select your desired installation folder.
    Mine has now been set to D:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games

    Hope this helped (:
  16. Hi manatee_94

    I just had a similar problem. I have a ssd as C: and wanted to install BF3 on my D:
    The install suggested C:/programfiles........ as default
    I clicked browse...... D:.......add new folder....... and I wrote Origin as new folder. This was denied.
    BUT if you only pick D: the install accepts it and automatically makes an origin folder.
    So dont make an Origin folder to install origin(battlefield3) in :D
  17. Ok, i'm ready to throw my PC out the window, please can you help.

    I've just bought a new SSD, i've installed my OS (C:\) on it and installed Origin. I have my old drive now as a secondary drive (F:\), i'm trying to get Origin to access the already installed BF3 files on it, i've tried telling Origin to look in "F:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Battlefield 3", clearly replacing the "C:" with an "F:", i'm now sitting looking at a Origin download screen, trying to download 18GB of Battlefield. Am i doing something wrong?
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