GTX 260 vs ATI 5870 for USD115?

Hi all

Greetings from Singapore, :hello:

I was searching through this amazing forum for some answers but could find a definite one so yeah here goes, :)

I am currently configuring a dell xps 9000 and it seems there is an upgrade option for the graphics card from the original GTX260 1.8GB to a ATI 5870 for SGD 160 or about USD 115

I was wondering if the additional USD115 will do any benefit for what i will be using the computer for

- mostly design based softwares such as AutoCad, Photoshop CS3/CS4 (deals with 6K by 10K JPEG), 3dmax, basic video/sound editing and conversion of RAW to JPEG photos <-- lots of them
- gaming wise, i rarely use it for gaming except to play oldskool games such as battlefield 2, C&C generals etc (i might get COD MW2) for I currently have a PS3 (but hates FPS on PS3)
- the specs for which the gfx will be configured would be:
i7 920 2.66, 5GB DDR3, 1TB HDD, X-fi Titanium, 2x 23" monitors

As such would USD 115 / 5870 do any good to what i am using the computer for? will it aid in better color perception / less lag for 3D softwares? or should i stay with the GTX260 and spend the cash on some other parts e.g more RAM?

thanks in advance to anyone who replies! :)
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    The price difference should be +200USD. The GTX260 would be enough for your use though.
  2. Yes, agree with rolli59, since u are rarely use it for gaming then GTX 260 should be more than enough... :)
  3. Hi guys

    thanks for your replies,

    just one more issue regarding RAM

    I was reading this article about RAM,6614.html

    and from where i read in other forums it appears that due to the i7 using triple channel memory, it is most effective when configured in multiples of 3 i.e 3GB, 6GB, 12GB etc

    is this true? will 5GB be about similar as to 3GB when pitted against 6GB?

    or am I confusing myself :pt1cable:
  4. Yes with an X58 motherboard (which you have) you'll want either 3gbs ( 3 x 1GB sticks) 6gbs ( 3 x 2GB sticks) or 12GB (6 x 2GB sticks)

    I believe your 5GB will be running in single channel big no no!

    I'd recommend for the type of work you do, that you get at least 6GB of triple channel RAM. Read your motherboard manual to find out how to best install your RAM so that it runs in triple channel mode.
  5. 5870 is roughly twice as powerful as a GTX260.
    But since you say they offer an upgrade to the 5870 for only $115, that means they've overpriced the GTX260 (which costs $160 on newegg).

    Are there any cheaper options to the GTX260, ie 4870 or 5770? (both perform just as good)
  6. Yeah, that GTX 260 has to be very overpriced if an HD5870 is only $115 more. Are there any other options?
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