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So first off this isn't my computer i'm building but i could be out some serious cash if i can't get it to work, but i've put it together, it was working great posted first time, found my copy of windows 7 was about to install, said it couldn't find the hard drive, So quick look i see i pulled out the sata when i we budling the wires together to tidy up the case

so then posts again starts the windows install, i get a blue screen telling me sometime along the lines of new hardware, which made sense since i just plugged the hard drive in

but now not even posting, it's been giving me bios recovery mode, insert usb drive containing bios file personally only other computer i built was for myself and had a nice clear cmos button, this board doesn't so i tired the jumpers and nothing, still giving me the 4 beeps and the insert usb drive

the motherboard model 880GM-E41 by msi which is an AM3 with a 880G chipset, any help on finding a guide to flash the bios with the usb, or any suggestions oh what to do next would be greatly appreciated
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  1. Memtested yet?
    get everything out of there except Mobo, cpu/H.Sink and a single stick of ram
    You can D/load Memtest onto a usb drive these days I hear,
    I'd try that to start with, and assuming memtest says all's well,
    rotate the ram sticks, try posting one at a time, memtest doesn't always pick up errors.
  2. well i'd say that's a possibility but i should still be able to get to the bios, currently it's not posting, so i don't have access to which device i want to boot from it just keep on repeating boot from usb with bios on it
  3. bumpage anyone who has an msi board i would appreciate the hlep
  4. ^Bumpage
  5. Find out what the BIOS beep code means for the make of BIOS that the MSI motherboard has.

    Look up BIOS beep codes on this page to find out how to do that:

    I would say that the memory might be incompatible with the motherboard, but you might have screwed the motherboard up somehow or you have not installed something correctly, so remove and reseat cards and make sure that everything is connected properly. Make sure that there are no loose screws or unused standoff screws that might be shorting the motherboard.

    I find that Crucial memory is the most compatible with the widest range of motherboards.
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