I7 920 and Asus P6T or Rampage

I'm running a dual Nvidia GPU combo and am looking to up M/B and processor. right now i have a AMD 6400 dual core processor and a Asus m2nSLi deluxe MB I'm just wondering what every ones thoughts are on the P6T and the Rampage MB's from Asus. i am switching over to an i7 920 processor
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  1. There's a form in my sig you should fill out for more help.
  2. APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: ASAP as soon as i get some decent feedback on mother boards
    BUDGET RANGE: i have enough to buy a brand new store bought PC but id rather just do the build myself call it a hobby

    SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: EVERYTHING mainly games and phoenix online college

    PARTS NOT REQUIRED: OHH gawd here we go... 1100 watt power supply, dual Nvidia GTS 250's (will not be replacing GPUs or switching to ATi anytime soon), 3 HDD's over a terabyte of freespace on a SATA connection, 5.1 DD surround sound system, wireless K/B, Logitech G9 laser mouse, liquid cooling (right now its an aqueduct little known company from germany adding in more with CPU im good with that sort of thing), basically i have all other components im just not too familiar with intel processors anymore so im just really asking for advice on motherboards that go good with an i7 920 and have the Nvidia SLi chipset or the crossover that allows for both Nvidia and ATi.

    PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: in order newegg, tigerdirect, amazon and Ebay is at the bottom

    PARTS PREFERENCES: well you have my comp description up there i want to run 64 bit windows 7 (am running 32 bit now) the whole point of this post is the i7 processor and a M/B solution. i would like to see DDR 3 RAM and possibly USB 3.0 capability. PCI express X16 (x2 atleast would like 3 or 4)

    SLI OR CROSSFIRE: SLI for sure already have dual Nvidia cards

    ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: just advice on a good solid motherboard. i was thinking about the Asus crosshair iii i am very familiar with computers and built this one myself.
  3. crosshair 3 is a motherboard for AMD processors an has an am3 socket, you should be looking at motherboards with socket 1366 :)
  4. OMFG did i completely over look that?
  5. ok forum my apologies.. i WAS looking at the crosshair iii, but at the time i was also looking at the AMD 965 black edition processor. i talked to a friend of mine and he basically talked me into getting the i7 920. those are the two i am looking at unless someone knows of a better mo/bo. i can not believe i typed all that and got my hardware that mixed up.


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