Monitor blinks but no display

Hey new to the forum...i've a problem with my pc...

im using LG My home PC


Processor: Intel pentium 4... 3GHz


RAM: 1.24GB DDR1


I've no gfx card enabled... n windows xp2 as os

coming to my problem...

from past a monitor 17inch LG SXGA is just "blinking" the power is ok...i can see the LED down the monitor blinking...

but when i turn on my never on...ive to try removing the monitor jack behind the cpu...n try inserting again n restarting the cpu n waiting for the monitor to start up...

its so messy guys...ive no virus nothing in my pc...what should i do? how come i rectify the problem???? plz help me out with ur suggestiong

my psu is ok...power cables r ok... have 4fans inside cpu so it wont heat up cpu easily (i found it on google the possibilies of occuring)

n another problm is my monitor on the opposite sides...when shows curvy lines i think flickering...whats d exact prblm wit d monitor guys??? its curvy on d opposite sides of d monitor.

help me out guys...
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  1. It's acting like the graphics chip may be going out. Chances are that heat has taken its toll on it over the years.
  2. dude buwish how can i cure this? its hell to sit before the pc..ive to wait sum half n hour to start up my pc
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