IE possibly unstable after OC?

This weekend I overlocked my Fx-4100 to 4.2 on stock voltage using AMD Overdrive. Ran Prime95 for hors o so ith no warnings or errors. Now it seems that Internet explorer is having some issues, it will randomly not load pages, the image of the page opened on top of it is "burned" onto it. Everyhing else seems to work great. I lowered the clock back down and its back to normal. Ideas?
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  1. Generally, when a computer passes full load testing but has stability issues under light load, my first suspect is "turbo".

    Do you still have turbo enabled? If so, try disabling it.

    If turbo is already disabled, I would try backing off the OC just a little and retest with IE.
  2. make sure your CPU temps dont exceed 75c
  3. Temps are in the 40's using a coolermaster tx3. i lowered it to 4.1 problem seems less apparent but still there. I'll look at what happens at each step later on. Strange that it passed Prime95 for 3-4 hours, and chrome works just fine.
  4. if the problem is just with internet explorer, i suggest to download mozilla firefox 14
    or google chrome 21
    maybe someone change some settings at internet explorer caused the problem
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