I need help !! 8800gts 512 gone crazy

i ve got an 8800gts 512

until 3 weeks from now it was working perfectly fine when all the sudden it started to crash in games ... things went worse and worse until now it hardly even runs at all...

artifacts at windows startup screen looks like if bunch of lines were moved horizontally 2 inches to the right ... !!

when system FINALLY starts up ( if it starts up) i get those weird looking small dots all over screen, refreshing the screen would make that go away for a while, then at some point it would look like the black and white dots that u get in an old TV with screwed up aerial .. WTF :o seriously i bought that thing for 350 $$ ... this sucks !!

however .. sometimes i would hardly make it into a game .. like FEAR , i test in minimum settings .. all ok , i tested in medium 800 x 600 resolution and all hell broke loose, :cry: , texture and lighting artifacts .. and after that the wholes system crashed, today its not even running at all

i noticed that it would relatively run ok ( much less artifacts in a playable sort of way ) when its heat is around 52 ... once it goes 55 or so it goes bananas

I could really use some advice of what i can do ( other then buying another one .. were going through some crisis stuff ), and what might be the wrong thing with it ....

i d really really appreciate the help

C2D E7400 2.8 ghz
Intel DG31PR motherboard
2 gb ddr2 800 mhz ram
500 gb
Crazy 8800gts 512
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  1. its a dying card alright and i think the waranty period on the 8800 has expired unless the OP has a lifetime warranty
  2. I myself have an 8800 GTX that did the same thing sitting right next to me,
    the only advice I could give you to extend the life of that card and in no way is a permanent or even 100% fix would be to go out and buy yourself a high veliocity fan, they are usually 20-30 bucks at any store.
    Then pop off your case fan and try running with that fan pointed in the direction of your card to see if it can lower the heat a bit and let you run a bit longer on its life.

    2 Warnings with using a high veliocity fan

    1. Make sure your obviously not blowing more dust into your comp by putting the fan somewhere dirty thus causing more heat issues

    2. Alot of these fans do contain magnents to help them reach such high RPM's thus you should maintain some distance between the fan itself and both your Harddrive and Monitor to make sure it doesn't cause issues. I myself used this method for at least 6 months with an old radeon 9800XT that was going and never had any issues, but I can't promise those results

    All of that being said if you spend 25 bucks on a fan, you could just spend another 25 and go with something like http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814150322 and solve your issue much longer :)

    (btw Im kinda new to tom's and I hope posting a newegg link isn't against any TOS as I feel like I have seen a few before)
  3. Actually there have been a couple of threads in here about baking the cards for 10 min at 385F to get them working again.
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