GA-X58A-UD9 northbridge waterblock

hello i was buying a Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD9 Motherboard for a new build of mine was wondering if there were any northbridge waterblocks with 1/2 fitting that would bolt direcrly to the stock northbridge heatsink......because 10mm fittings are no good 2 me
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  1. Yes, several Manufacturers heres one:
  2. Its good to hear that someones in the same position as me. When I went searching for a waterblock for something else. I got a offhand link to different suppliers for waterblocks aside of the big four or five. And ya know what I saw one full coverage waterblock for the ud9. double checked to make sure it was not a supercomputer and it was not. shortly after for somereason I didnt make a shortcut of it. Just assumd that I had found the 2 level of stores suppliers and links for a computer freak like me. Well now when I really want one because I really like the ud9 I cant find it it was not a supercomputer waterblock,but it does have the popular puddle jumping single pipe from block to block. and believe it or not a major company is making it. I have checked all the major companies no luck. So they might just be selling outside the mainstream right now. Just assumed I could always find the seller. but remembered that I did not type in anything to do with ud9. found a major lesser know supplier had to be they had a huge scrollable section with some waterblocks I have not ever seen before. Keep looking and I will keep looking anyways! and refer back here often.
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