Bios Update A-EP31-DS3L

Hello everyone!
i have some prolems with my mobo GA-EP31-DS3L
Receantly i downgraded my bios from version F5f to F4 because (F5f is beta) and it caused me some serrious problems.
My pc does not boot any more, i have tried to replug all my hardware and i have checked all the cables, hdd, gpu, cpu, psu and even the ram on another pc and they work propperly but i dont know what to do with my motherboard

My specs

PC E5200 Dual Core
GPU -sapphire hd4830 1gb
MOBO GA-EP31-DS3L (gigabyte) rev 1.0
RAM 4 gb 800 mhz DDR2 (A-Data)
PSU CougarPower 700w
HDD Samsung F1 320gb
OS w7

i hope i dont have to by a new board and there is some way to make bios work propperly :)
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  1. You may need to go look at the boot priority and at the HDD controller settings in the BIOS, as they would have been reset to the default for F4. When you say your PC doesnt boot, does it still POST does stuff appear on the screen and if so what?
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  2. Im having the exact same problkem caused by the exact same downgrade. Upgrade to f5f then downgraded to f4. I have no post screen or beeps. Have tried resetting cmos and booting system with bare minimum to no luck. Same board revision and problem as previous poster. No video output on boot atall.
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  3. Bump.

    I'm another victim of this problem on the same mobo with the same revision: GA-EP31-DS3L (rev 1.0)
    Also downgraded from F5F with default settings to F4 with QFlash.

    I just hear my PC boot up, see the PWR light, etc. on the case and keyboard, but the monitor won't find any signal.

    I've read about a possible solution:
    shorting pins 5 and 6 (SI - Serial Data Input and SCLK - Clock Input... haven't checked the datasheet of this motherboard/bios yet to see if the pins are different) helps to bypass the first BIOS on the DualBIOS chip and boot the 2nd one
    (short the pins and hold it that way until pc restarts 2-3 times and you see your computer boot,
    then immediately let go and press End to start QFlash or Del for BIOS),

    But I haven't tried this and don't want to risk killing my mobo completely if it's not that dead already.

    I've tried clearing the CMOS:
    Unplug psu and keep the jumper on the CMOS clear pins for 20 mins.
    Yes pain, but no gain.

    Does anyone know of possible solutions per 2014?
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  4. same problem with Ga-ep31-ds3l ver 1.0
    flashed from f3 bios to f4 with q-flash.
    it said bios update complited successfully,i reeboot,and then black screen,no post,no msdos start up disc works,no boot cdroom,no usb boot
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  5. Mine worked after I pulled out the CMOS battery and waiter two weeks. I don't think you need to waiy that long, but it was my only fix.
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  6. ok, i'm gone trie that
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  7. Well

    It happen the same to me after a try to overclock the CPU E8400 and the DDR II.
    I just put the Vcore and the PLL voltage one step of 0.1 Volts!

    The first try (I changed the FSB from 333 to 400) worked but after 2-3 restarts chrashed on the post procedure!
    Then I tried to put the voltage a bit higher! I saved the settings and I restarted the system, but it did not POST (the BootBlock symptom appeared)!!!

    I know that my last chance is to buy a new preprogrammed BIOS chip if I will not fild a solution to reflash the BIOS.

    Any certain idea before to guy a new chip???
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