Need help with mid-range gaming rig

Hey guys, last time I made a thread, I was looking for a laptop, you helped me out and I have a great one now, hoping you guys could give me some pointers on this rig.
APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Would like to build and finish by end of march, but may have to hold off due to price constraints. BUDGET RANGE: My price range is somewhere in the market of 1,100, though if I could go a little lower, that would be amazing. Before / After Rebates

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: This is going to be a replacement for a family computer, so most of the time it is going to be for just browsing the web. But it is really going to be a gaming machine, used for gaming.

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: I have the case, it is a coolermaster sileo 500.

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: Micro center because I like the fact that I can go there and see things, and they often have good deals in store. Would welcome any other site though. COUNTRY OF ORIGIN:U.S.

PARTS PREFERENCES: My only part preference is that I would like to use DDR3, and want this to be able to last a while, so upgradable.



ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I have been looking at the core i7 920 because I can get one for $230, but I have heard it is really overkill, and that in most circumstances the i5 is faster. How much of that is true, and if the i7 is better, would I want to go for the 860 or another model? I want to stay away from AMD mostly due to the fact that they are going to have to switch sockets soon, and I have heard the 1366 is going to stay for quite some time. And I am also curious and would love any information about graphics cards.

The final thing is I am also planning on doing some case modding, mostly just plexi glass, are there any tools that are really good with it? And how about the cutting of the case itself? Any pointers?
Thanks for any tips you guys can give me.
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    ^ You should check out the Core i5 750...they are very powerful(faster than the fastest Phenom - X4 965)...So that woiuld serve you well...
    And also you will have a very good CPU to upgrade to later on - i7 860...So it would last long...

    CPU - i5 750

    Mobo - These are the latest mobos with USB 3.0 and SATA 6GB/s support...And if you are sure of going crossfire, then get a mobo that does x8x8 and not x16x4 at he PCIe x16 slots when doing crossfire...


    Sasmsung F3 500GB

    PSU -
    If you are sure of doing crossfire...
    Antec EA 650W

    else -
    Antec eco 520W

    Graphics card - For your resolution not more than a HD 5770...Anything above is a serious overkill...And anyways you have the option of crossfire...So when you upgrade the monitor, add one more 5770 in crossfire...

    And as for case modding, many articles are available on the net...

    Tools - these might help...
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