9800 GTX Possible overheat?

Hey everyone, Currently i am noticing that my video card is hitting some pretty high temps and i was wondering if you guys had any suggestions on what i could do to get them within the 70-80C range.

Currently my graphics card is a Nvidia 9800 gtx, i removed the stock heatsink because of overheating problems and replaced it with a zerotherm aftermarket behemoth. I went even further and purchased a PCI slot Evercool Fox-2 blower that is directly beneather the video card to suck heat and blow directly out of the case. Furthermore the case is an Xclio Windtunnel and has an overall case temp of roughly 25C. My monitor is a 40in Samsung Lcd.

After the computer has been on for a bit, the idle temp is approx. 60C, and as soon as i try to put any load on it at all the temp builds to 95-100C after 15 mins or so. This is maybe 5C cooler then the stock fan, which i was kindof pissed off at considering people were reporting 20-30 degree drops in load temp. I'm pretty sure that im maxed out on how many fans i can throw in it, and i know that i installed the heatsink on the video card correctly as this is not my first time.

The only thing that comes to mind is the average gamer isnt playing on a 40in screen or something is screwed with the graphics card. Any thoughts?
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  1. Did it run that hot right when you got it brand new?
  2. ^+1
    if it brand new then it's a defective card, return it to get a replacement... :)
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