Infinite power on off cycle every few seconds.

Hello all. I have a problem maybe you can give me some insight into as i continue to troubleshoot.

first off, system specs (what i can remember anyway, at work right now)
mb=gigabyte(socket 775) intel core 2 duo 2.8ghz. ram=2 1gig sticks gskill pc 3200 i think not sure though. arctic 7 hsf, ati/radeon pci-e 512mb vid card dont remember the model now sorry. 500gig sata hdd.

pc ran fine for 5-6 months till a couple days ago i went to bring it out of stand by like i allways do(i leave it on) and found it to be off. hit power button and it powers up for no more than one second then off then ona for a sec again then off etc etc forever.

opened case and did troubeshooting. pulled everything but psu, cpu/hsf and case fans( 2 120mm's) still exact same thing. tried many combos of hardware pulled and installed same thing. one thing to note is during the second of power only 2 fans spin. cpu fan does slightly twitch but nothing more and front case fan also twitches. . tried cpu fan on back case fan headers and found it to spin but not on front case fan header. tried both case fans on cpu fan header and the only twitch. so basically all fans on either cpu fan header or front fan header twitch and spin (for the split second there is power) on the rear header. so my main question i guess is do you think its a power supply issue or mobo issue. those are my first guesses. gonna swap the psu tonight with a older less powered one to hopefully rule in/out that.

appreciate any info or advice thanks!
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  1. taptappy said:
    ... gonna swap the psu tonight with a older less powered one to hopefully rule in/out that.

    If you are going to swap PSU's for testing, the one you put in should be of similar capacity. An overloaded PSU could give similar symptoms.

    But the PSU is where I would start.

    Our standard checklist and troubleshooting thread:
  2. It would not be unusual for one of the rails to fail on the PSU and cause this problem. Best test is to either take the PSU to a local shop and have them test it, or get out your multimeter (if you have one) and test each output. Once you confirm it is your PSU, check to see if you still have warranty coverage for it. I was suprised to find out that an OCZ PSU I bought two years ago for the wife's computer was still under warranty and only had to pay the cross-shipping for a new one. I seem to always have a spare PSU lying around, though, so she wasn't without her computer for more than an hour.
  3. hey thanks for the info so far. I know theres always a better way to do something like this but for now i dont have the opportunity to take the psu to a shop or access to a multimeter. So what i did is swap the 700watt psu with the older 320watt one. well now all the fans spin via their asigned headers and i get a crazy beep code, which is a step at least. I got nothing before. also took the 700 watt to the old pc and it wouldnt boot. Just a quick flash of power then nothing. no infiite on off cycle though, thinking thats a motherboard thing dont really know though. but ya, the fact that the 700watt wont power either pc very much leads me to believe its dead. so i ordered a brand new one from newegg last night and will post with results once i get it. also in taking the 700watt out and looking at it i completely forgot i bought it reconditioned so not new.
  4. I have the same problem with my Gigabyte Board. I sent it in with an RMA. They returned the board with no explanation. Reinstalled, and I still have the same Infinite Power on / off loop. I changed out the power supply with a brand new 1250 watt. Still stuck in the loop!
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