Blue Screen of Death when installing Win XP

Im building a new system. Everything seems to be operating correctly. The Motherboard (ASUS P9x79LE) BIOS is detecting the hard drive (Seagate Barracuda ST2000DM001). When I try to run the SeaTools from seagates website, it wont detect the drives. When I try to install Win XP, I get the BSOD.

I have read online that you sometimes get the BSOD if the drivers arent installed for the SATA drives. This is baffling to think that I need to install something first before these drives will get recognized. Please help.
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  1. You have to remember that SATA didn't exist when XP was released, so the XP installer has no concept of SATA. So you need some kind of special driver for the first stage installer to teach it how to communicate with SATA drives. Given that XP is on its way out, very few companies are still making XP drivers for hardware.

    I would suggest taking this particular issue as a sign of what will likely be waiting for you even if you get past your current hurdle. There is an excellent chance that you will find other hardware components which simply do not have XP drivers available for them. You may want to consider a more recent version of Windows like Windows 7, or just wait it out for Windows 8.
  2. Thanks. I bought Window 7 Ultimate and everything installed..sort of. I think Im having a compatability issue now with my ASUS P9x79LE MB and my EVGA GTX 480. Sometimes when I restart my system, it will give me a black screen. I can still see the mouse and if I blindly type in the password, it will load the background image but no icons, task bar, or any type of navigation. Safemode with networking works fine. Im baffled.
  3. I just solved the issue. I had the HDMI plugged in with the DVI at the same time. On a whim I unplugged the hdmi and the screen came back on. Is the HDMI and the DVI a one OR the other type of thing? IF so, which should I be using?
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