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What SSD size?

How large of an SSD would i need if i wanted to have Skyrim, Battlefield 3, and windows 7 on it?
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  1. 120Gb
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    mikeangs2004 said:

    Not necessarily true. You could probably get by with a 64GB or 90GB SSD. I have a 120Gb Vertex 2 and with Windows 7 Ultimate x64, Office 2007 and 8 or 10 games including Skyrim I have 35 to 40GB free.

    I would recommend a 120Gb or larger model if you do not want to be careful with what you have installed at any one time though. For instance I have FEAR and FEAR 2 on my Steam account and those games are 15GB each. So you can run out of space quick.
  3. Get the biggest one you can afford! Within a year, you are likely to need more space, anyway.
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