I have a problem with my Nvidia Geforce 9600GT its 512 Mb not 1GB.I cant play games like Need for Speed:Most Wanted,Counter-Strike:Source,Left 4 Dead,Left 4 Dead.Everytime i run these games my screen goes black,and i need to restart my PC(i have reset button on PC).
My pc is:Intel Core2Duo E8400 3.00 GHz,2GB RAM,Asus motherboard and graphic card is above lol...plz help
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  1. i saw ur answer.OK but i was thinking to get Nvidioa Geforce GT220 1GB DDR3.Should this grap.card help me play these games?
  2. I saw ur answer on my last question.Im not American or English,but...on Nvidia Geforce 9600GT-512MB (my card) could play games like:NFS:Shift,Modern Warfare 1,modern Warfare 2,COD 5,Burnout Paradise on max resolution.But what graphic card(Nvidias) could run NFS:Most Wanted,CS:S,L4D,L4D 2,but also run MW 1,MW 2,COD 5,Burnout Paradise,NFS:Shift on max resolution(1680x1050) plz answer.btw you helped a lot =D
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