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Hi all!! First time posting here. I am cleaning up a friends pc who's daughter and wife uses. The pc was full of malware, spyware that is now cleaned. I had to do a windows repair with the windows xp cd. After that was done I was able to update windows. The problem that I am having with this puter is with syntax errors when I visit any web site. I think it probably the registry that is bloated. The windows cd has sp2 and the computer had sp3 and I did not uninstall sp3 prior to repairing with the cd. I have read that this can cause problems to the registry. This computer is a custome built pc that was built a long time ago. It runs windows xp pro 32bit. Anyone had this problem before? Please help!! Thank you for all that can

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  1. Try the registry cleaner in CCleaner.
  2. I already tried that and still have the same problems. Thanks for the quick replay!!
    I think registry is corrupt. If I knew anything about editing registries I would give it a try, but I do not know what I would be looking for.
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