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I recently got my HDMI cord in the mail. Before, I was using DVI. I have an ATI XFX 5850 and an ASUS 23.6'' monitor. They are both awesome. When I was using DVI the picture filled the entire monitor. Now that I am using the HDMI cord the picture is smaller, there is about an inch of black on all sides. I don't know how to fix this. Is this just the sacrifice of using true HD 1080p? Thanks!
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    That is a very good question. I think it is the first time someone has asked it over in this section of the forum.

    What resolution is your monitor set for? 1080p is not a standard pc monitor resolution. If I recall correctly the aspect ratio (width to height) is different for 1080p.
  2. Sorry, I def posted in the wrong section. The problem was scaling through the Catalyst controls. I spoke to an XFX guy he helped me. Thanks for your response anyway, JL.
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  4. I had this when I got my 5770 running over HDMI on my 50" plasma. You need to change your underscan settings in Catalyst.
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