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I have this relative who accidentally fried their motherboard. I need an AM2 socket Motherboard with integrated graphics for around $30-40. The
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  1. AM2 boards are hard to find because they aren't produced anymore, here is one(which is micro ATX)
  2. Oh wow, guess I shoulda looked harder. I only asked due to the fact it was quite hard to look for a cheap compatible AM2 motherboard especially one that has integrated graphics along with the budget price. Thanks for the reply. Although I am not quite sure that the problem really lies in the motherboard. I swapped in PSU and HDD and made sure they were fine. The rams are ok too, which leaves us with the motherboard and the CPU. The problem was that the PC stopped turning on(the lights were on, no post... etc), no beep sounds and the fan kept on running at max. When the problem was introduced, it was fixed by turning it off and turning it on but as time went by, the solution stopped working. I think it is because of that turning off and on process fried the motherboard.
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