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Hi there, I have owned a Maxtor 1TB external hard-drive for just over a year now, which I have been using as my backup drive. The past few weeks I have had to use it due to my computer needing to be reformatted.

It was working absolutely fine for the past few weeks when suddenly a few hours ago I got a write fail error. After that I have had numerous problems with it - when I turned it off (by unplugging it, only way on those things) and plugging it back in - I would get repetitive clicking sounds - while using the other USB port on my netbook, I would just get the write fail error again. Other times the drive would not even show up at all - however the machine could be heard to be working (and without the clicking noise as well).

I am rather worried about this as I have irreplaceable data on it, so it is something I really need to get fixed. I have tried a variety of things I have looked up on - such as the "Seatools for windows" software (which failed to provide any info). I have also tried the Error-checking tools as well - but before it would begin doing the scans I would get the write-fail error yet again.
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums!

    As soon as possible, make a complete backup (or clone is better) of the disk.

    The 'clicking' sounds are a sign of disk failure.

    After the disk is copied/backed up/cloned use "RECUVA" to recover your files.
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