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Hello - Long ago I installed a Video Card Nvidia GeForce 7100GS - and have had my monitor plugged into that port and works fine. I go and add a 2nd monitor to the original port and it does NOT work. I have tried enabling/disabling device drivers and that does not seem to work either. I go into Advanced Display settings and altho I have a choice of 2 monitors, it only shows each monitor as being connected to the Video Card I installed - basically, my computer doesn't seem to recognize the original port that came with computer.
I have Vista 32bit Home Premium on a Gateway GT5228.

Many thanks for any suggestions!
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  1. When you have a discrete card in your computer the integrated is disabled.
  2. Ok, so I imagine the 'integrated' is the port that came with the computer, the Port/card that I did NOT install? Anyway to re-enable it? As I was told this is how to do a "Dual Monitor" by adding a graphics card.

    Thanks though as I did NOT know that.
  3. Vista has problems running two different graphics cards. Are there not two ports on your 7100GS?
  4. There is, but one is bigger than the other - my monitor (both monitors can only fit into the "smaller" of the two ports that are on the video card) - what is that other port than? Or, is there a way to fit the 'second' monitor into the 'larger' port on the video card (7100 GS)?
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  7. is tha nvidia geforce 7100gs is good for some games???
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