Will an Intex UPS 800VA be able to handle my system when power is off?

ok my system spec is:
Intel quadcore 6600
Zotac Nvidia 260gtx
Samsung Hdd 750
Benq 19inch E900W LCD monitor
4gb of ram
and one DVD RAM Drive

And u can check the technical specs of the UPS here:

Hope i get a reply soon.
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  1. From the specs:
    "Backup Time(One PC load @ 100W - 15 minutes"

    I estimate that your system will probably use around 300 watts. So I figure that you will have 4 to 5 minutes to save everything and shut your system down if the power fails.
  2. Intex ups are of poor quality,Go for APC 650W or more...
  3. The actual test should be

    Connect your PC the UPS and Power up your PC.

    Run furmark to maxout your GPU
    Run prime95 to maxout your CPU

    With that your PC should draw max current from your PSU.

    Pull the Plug of UPS to force the UPS the power-up your computer. Then you will know how long UPS can sustain your PC at max load.

    For normal usage(no furmark or prime95)... You can do the same pull the plug and let the UPS sustain your PC. At normal use the PC should be able to run longer.

    With that you can decide and consider the other's input pertaining to quality of UPS to get.
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