[First Homebuilt] System speaker buzz after POST beep

First of all, I've searched and have seen many references to buzzing speakers, but this isn't a case of radio-interference. I've not found any threads similar to the problem in my rig, but I apologize if I have missed something. Here's what's happening...

Immediately after the POST beep, the little internal speaker starts to buzz--loudly. It also sometimes sounds a bit like a modem connecting (squawking). I've confirmed it's the little speaker by disconnecting it and hearing no more buzz.

The buzz is persistent and loud, and I'm sure the component was plugged into the correct place on the mobo (and the POST beep is fine).
I've been careful about static and correct connections, and I don't see any obvious short circuits.

Assistance would be greatly appreciated. Any ideas?

System Details:

A very generous friend gave me the following, to help pull me out of the Dark Ages on my limited budget (my brother had given me Battlefield 2 for Christmas back in 2006 and I still couldn't play it):

CPU: AMD--Phenom II X3 710 (Brand New)

RAM: Corsair--Two 2-GB DIMMs of DDR2 800MHz (Used)
I'll pull them out if details needed, but I think this is right:

HDD: Seagate--Barracuda 7200.1 SATA, 1.5 TB (Brand New)

OS: Microsoft--Windows 7 Home Premium (Brand New)

GPU: EVGA--9800 GTX+ (Used; seems to run hot, which seems typical based on reviews)

Based on what I learned here and elsewhere, and the fact that my friend had some of these components in her rig, I bought the following:

Case: NZXT Whisper Full Tower (Brand New)

Motherboard: Gigabyte--GA-MA790X-UD4P (Brand New)

PSU: Corsair--CMPSU-750TX 750W (Brand New)

ODD: LG--BH08LS20 (Brand New)

Thanks again!
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  1. Is your PC working? If so I wouldn't worry about, you really only need the system speaker to debug a no-post, so you can just remove it.

    I doubt that the buzzing is pointing to any issue with your PC. It could be interference from any number of sources, or maybe just a flaky speaker.
  2. I've not run it much in case there's a serious problem. Maybe I'm paranoid about frying my mobo, but I'm looking for another speaker to try. I'm having to wait for one to be shipped, as nobody local had one! In any case, the little bit it ran, it didn't seem to have trouble other than the buzz.

    I guess if the new speaker also buzzes, I'll try replacing the 9800GTX+ with an old PCI video card.
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