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just got new msi mb,msi760gmfx and amd fx4100 cpu, how do I overclock. have downloaded all msi utilities; when open bios see overclocking header?? fromi util??
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  1. I am not 100% familiar with overclocking but i think there should be a FSB setting in your BIOS you need to adjust to overclock. I cant help but notice you said "how do i overclock", the truth is, befoore you start overclocking, you first need to research overclocking on your CPU. Sorry i cannot help you with the actual overclocking part of things, but i feel you need to do some research on overclocking before you go a head with it. You may try this post to help you out a little.

    Hope i could help in some way
  2. I am not 100% familiar with overclocking AMD sorry. I forgot to put AMD there
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