First build after long hiatus, need some advice

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: would like to order parts as asap, budget around 1000 euros

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: gaming, watching movies, bacis all around work

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: OS, keyboard, mouse
PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: Iam from Slovakia, so gotta use numerous sites to get the stuff i want

OVERCLOCKING: Yes, crossfire

will list the parts from newegg so its easier for u guys







all these parts shud be around 740 euros, what iam still missing is a monitor and memory, thats where i need your advice, monitor shud be at least 22 inch, full hd, hdmi, cuz id like to hook up a ps3 as well on it occasionally
cant decide about memory as well, shud be sth like 4gb DDR3 1600, lower lat if possible but not too expensive and hopefully gud for overclocking

just my considerations:



could realy use help here..

id like if u guys could also pls tell me if all the parts will work together, any suggestions about the parts i chose are appriciated, its just wot i came with after reading around on websites, nothing rock solid, pls feel free to suggest any cheaper or better alternatives, thanks a lot
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  1. First, you're probably spending a lot on that board, which isn't really necessary. The best part of the board is the Quadfire. Crossfire doesn't scale up well past 2 cards. Get a cheaper board and save yourself some money.

    Second, since the HAF is a bottom mounted case, a modular PSU is a waste of money. All of the cords will lay at the bottom of the case, and already be out of the way. Spending the extra to remove those cables becomes pointless.

    Third, get the CAS Latency 7 sticks of RAM (the platinum). This is the most important spec for memory. It might be worth it to find some 1600 mhz sticks that are CL 7 as well.

    Now, hopefully with what you saved on the board and non-modular PSU, you can get an i5. It's a lot better for gaming than the AMD CPUs. Or at least you can upgrade to the X4 955.
  2. thanks a lot for advice, so these ones shud be fine then yeh? they re cas 7 and still quite a fair price over where i live

    what mobo would u suggest? has to be at least crossfire capable with two 16 slots

    thanks again for help
  3. Those are good sticks.

    My favorite AM3 recommendation is the Asus M4A79XTD EVO. It's $50 cheaper in the US, so it should be cheaper over there too. It has 2 PCIe 2.0 slots, but they operate at 8x/8x. While there is no doubt 16x/16x is the best, you lose very little with 8x/8x. In fact, it's only 4%, and only noticeable with the 5870/5970. So with the 5850, you will lose very little performance, save a good amount of money, and won't notice a difference.
  4. sorry for the confusing question, i mean if u suggest i5 is really that much better option and u already saved me money on the psu, wot cheaper, prefewrably gud for overclocking mobo with lga 1156 socket would u suggest? cause the quadcore i5 is bout 85 euroes more expensive over here and btw do u think the 750 w corsair would be enugh for verclocking and future crossfire or shud i stick with 850?

    thanks again for ur help
  5. Here's a good, more expensive board: Asus P7P55D-E Pro. It has USB 3/SATA III support.

    Here's a good, cheaper board: EVGA P55 LE 123-LF-E653-KR.

    750W will be enough for overclocking and Crossfire. The 750W Corsair 750TX (the non-modular one) has both enough power and the right connectors to power two HD 5850s.
  6. not much of a price difference and i like the asus one more, shud have everything sorted except the monitor any suggestions there? thanks four ur time and effort
  7. I'm not that great with monitors, which is why I left off a recommendation.
  8. oh oki nvm then, was just checking and seems like the only shop over here who has the ocz platinum is out of stock with no idea how long till they get em, what other similarly priced ram for overclocking would u suggest? found some corsair but they re kinda pricey, any help woudl be appreciated
  9. Really, any RAM with low CL would be good. Cheaper is always better, but I would wait as long as you can to see if the cheaper sticks come back in stock.
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