Does this seem stable?

Did a test using prime 95, currently still going.
In about 7 minutes.
Does it seem stable so far?
Overclocked to 4.0 on 2500k

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  1. Nobody'll really be able to tell you if it's stable 7 minutes in unless it has some sort of error (in which case, no). If there's no errors 2 hours in, it might be stable. 12, it probably is. 24 hours though is what you'd want to be error-free for in stability testing.

    If you're just testing the waters, making sure your OC isn't going to catastrophically fail, I don't see any real harm in running prime for 30 minutes to an hour before bumping it up a little (as 4.0 is a little low compared to the 4.6 or 4.7 most people achieve on air).
  2. I was fine with 3.3, I'm doing this for no reason in particular :D
  3. Right on. I guess that means you're not looking to push it higher than 4.0? In that case, yeah, you're going to want to run prime overnight to ensure it's stable. It can seem just fine even 12 hours in, but there's no guarantee it won't fail even then.
  4. far maybe. I'd run it a good 9-10 hrs to get a much better idea. 1.3-1.31 volts is kinda high for 4 ghz. Mine is doing 4.4 stable on about 1.275v now
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