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Hi all, need some help here with our laptop. My husband replaced the lcd screen after the computer was dropped and shattered the old lcd screen. After replacing it, we had some issues upon startup. First time it just failed to load--had to turn it off and restart it without the mouse cursor because there wasn't any. Upon reloading the second time it started up normally displaying the password screen and everything else worked normally except now the screen is dim just as it would be when relying on your battery for the power source instead of being plugged in to an outlet. I could see what was on the screen, but needed it to be brighter. After checking the settings, nothing worked to fix this. This is where things get worse. I followed a suggestion online from a person who had the exact same issue--dropped laptop, replaced lcd, and now dim screen(that person replaced the backlight and the invertor but that did not solve the problem). This person had solved his dim screen issue by uninstalling his video card driver and rebooting. I jumped on this but after I uninstalled the driver I had no mouse cursor and had to shut it down manually. Now upon start-up I get a white screen without a mouse cursor that eventually turns black and quickly goes into hibernation. We tried putting the driver disc in but nothing appears although you can hear the disc loading. Please help if anyone knows what to do. Thanks.
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  1. It seems like the hardware inside the laptop itself has been damages...
    That's kinda hard to guess what component is in trouble, i would say u better brig it to the professional...
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