Help with Ram setup on New Build

hello everyone I just purchase a Intel i5 3570k with G1 sniper m3 mobo & I have this Ram here is link

I wanna make sure everything is setup right & stuff in the bios it showing this on Cpu-z

type DDr3
Size 4096


Dram Freq 672.6mhz
fsb dram 1.5
cas latency 7.0 clocks
ras to cas delay 7.0 clocks
ras precharge 7 clocks
cycle time 21 clocks
command rate 1T

is this the correct settings for my Ram cause I dont know how to set it up & just finish building it Todayy
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    Yep, looks perfect to me, for that kit. All settings are as they should be.
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  3. ya sweet thanks for the heads up & I also made another forum on Cpu in overclocking forum having a trouble wit my temps & stuff If you could help me wit that? Thanks
  4. You're welcome, and if I can find the thread, I'll take a look, sure.
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