What motherboards will support the intel i9's?

I have a list of Asus motherboards that will be supporting it. Is there any others out there? And more specifically will the MSI X58 Pro-E support it??
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  1. It's difficult to say given that there's no such thing as a Core i9.

    If you mean the COre i7 980X then all X58 motherboards will support it, most will need a BIOS update.

    Why don't you e-mail MSI directly and ask them?
  2. No I mean which motherboards are out now that will support the i9's? And if the MSI x58 Pro-E will. Cause that's the board I'm thinking of buying

    Look at theses
  3. short answer, yes, all boards ever made sporting an x58 chipset will support the intel hexacore cpu, the prefix i9 was dropped for i7, i dont see the logic in it but who am i to criticize a billion dollar corporation, the hexacores will be the i7 970 and i7 980x
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