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I am building a new computer using this mobo. I have not built a computer in a LONG time, prolly 7 years. I am putting my OS on an SSD. I am going to have two f3 spinpoints as my data drives and wondering how this would work. Should i only hook up the SSD first until i get OS etc. Then, connect the other two harddrives, or will i get an option automatically allowing me to pick which is the primary drive?

Sorry if this is a dumb question, im new to SSD, but I cant wait to c it in action!
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  1. No. It is not a dumb question. It is a wise question.

    I suggest you to get into BIOS and make changes to settings first, such as SATA as AHCI, if all your other drives are SATA, then connect only the SSD and install Windows. This is the easiest and safest way. You can keep the side cover of the PC case open for easy addition of the other drives. Windows installs on an SSD in about 15 minutes in the same way it installs on a conventional SATA drive.

    After Windows installs, you can connect the other SATA drives and partition/format them.

    If you install all of yor SATA drives at once, maybe you can control what drive to install Windows on by checking the sizes of the drives. But for sure, SATA drive port numbers change in Windows. Therefore, you cannot control anything by SATA port numbers. Motherboard SATA port #1 may become SATA port #2 in Windows.

    For proper SSD operation after Windows installed, please see: ( I am sorry I do not know if Tom's Hardware forums have such info )
  2. Not needed. You could install all of the drives together; boot from CD/DVD, & simply select the SSD for OS installation.
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