Any point in upgrading hs/fan of intel g620 @ stock clocks


I was wondering if their is any point whatsoever in changing the stock heatsink fan on an intel g620 @ stock clockspeed ( 2.60ghz ), in terms of prolonguing the life of the cpu. I dont have any such heating issues. cpu currently idles around 40-42 degrees and on load i think hits high 50's but never really checked on load. will it be a waste of money to get a hyper tx3 evo other than looking cooler than the stock heatsink fan. I am strictly against overclocking and never plan on overclocking the cpu. I understand ofcourse temperatures will be noticeably lower with a better cooler but will it be any more resilient to failure ? Is the margin of ~10 degrees enough to impact the cpu physically or cause degredation ( considering i never cross high 50's) ?
also I am downclocking/downgrading my system half the time under the impression that i am prolonging the life of the hardware. Is their any sense actually in doing that or am i just being paranoid?

thanks for the help,

- copyninja
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    The CPU will be fine at thoughs temps. The stock coolers are designed to keep it cool at the default speeds. However if you do buy another cooler it will drop temps, however it will not prolong the life of the CPU. as long as it is staying under 65c then you should be fine for years untill you decide to upgrade. Although a after market cooler will make it look nicer too, and maybe if you do decide to overclock some time in the future, you will be ready to do so. So its mainly a decision of "do i want to spend money". You will benefit from the cooler by dropping temps, looking cooler, and have better cooling if you ever decide to overclock. If you do not decide to overclock, there is really no point unless you like the look of the cooler. Download a program called real temp. Run intel burn test and monitor your temps. this will only take about 20 minutes to run, if that. If your temps go over 65c the i recommend you do buy an after market CPU cooler.
    scroll down and hit external link, on the next page scroll down and hit accept. this is for intel burn test.
    do the same here for real temp.

    After you run these programs, let me know what your temps are
  2. thankyou, your advice has cleared the confusion i had.. I will run the tests and will post them a.s.a.p, The pc is kinda busy at the moment..
    I will problly nevr overclock,, however the temps i have mentioned are those in cooler months of the year when ambient temperature is very pleasant,, i am yet to see the temps in summer as it gets very hot in my country,a new cooler could come in handy.. perhaps will get an i3 or i5 sometime in future as well so i guess if i get an aftermarket cooler it might be good to have it around. lol and plus i guess it will look definitely cool...

    thanks again for the help, it was very informative for me
    i will try to post the temps from the tests quickly,,

  3. Hell no!
  4. amuffin said:
    Hell no!

    hell no?
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