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Buy ATI 5870 HD now or wait for nVidia's GT300 Chipset

Hey guys,

i was wondering if i should buy the Radeon HD5870 now or wait a little while for the GT300 series to come out?
I've trusted nVidia with my gpu's so far and they have done me good.
So could i get some of you guys if your waiting on the GT300 series or getting the 5870/5850 now?

THX 1337
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  1. I'd get an HD5850 as I don't think the price difference is worth it for the HD5870. As for waiting... from the specs released so far it seems like the Nvidia cards will be a little better but also use a LOT more power and run hot. The pricing may not even be competitive really. I wouldn't bother waiting.
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    There's ALWAYS a better card coming in four or five months. If you're not happy with your existing graphics card, get a new one now. If you're happy with it for now, then wait. There's no reason to buy one card over another based solely on the manufacturer.

    All that's going to happen is nvidia is going to come out with a DX11 card slightly faster and higher-priced than a 5870 -- maybe much higher-priced initially, since there seems to be some pent-up demand from people who insist on buying nvidia -- and then six months after that, ATI will come out with an even better card, and you can repeat that process over and over until we all get old and die.
  3. You buy today and tomorrow there is something better. Facts of life.

    Nvidia is delayed and if lucky will have a product release before the end of the quarter...Like last business day of March to make it officially Q1 release. Then it goes to typical cycle of supply shortage for new stuff.

    If you need it now buy it now. Get the best that you can afford. If you have something to use while Nvidia spin its tail then wait.
  4. ok cool thank you for the advice

    and yes looking at nVidia's pricing on its gt200 series, the gt300 will be pretty expensive i assume.
  5. I had the 5870 in my shopping cart on Newegg back in December. I was so close to buying it but these reasons stopped me...

    1. My 8800GTS's, as decrepit as they were, still played everything I needed them to.

    2. My case at the time wouldn't fit them anyway.


    I'm holding out for Fermi because I'm curious to see what it'll actually do, and also because it'll force the 5870 back down to MSRP or lower. Untill then, I'm still gaming just fine, the Earth continues to revolve around the Sun, and primetime television continues to suck so incredibly hardcore I should need to wear protection around it.
  6. Id be cautious as to price drops, large ones anyways.
    We dont know the full potential of nVidias card, as in, is it just a lil better or alot better than ATIs?
    We also dont know the pricing to perf nVidias going to come in at.
    My guess is, Fermi should outdo the 5870, but 2 things to consider here:
    1 If it barely outpaces the 5870, but nVidia decides to use the Halo pricing in a large way, therell be no reason to see ATIs price drops

    2 If nVidia decides its going to hold onto its previous high costs, and if Fermi does have a nive perf increase, they may take the high pricing , tho theyve said they wouldnt, it all depends until we see them on the shelves

    So, in the end, dont expect ATI price drops, tho theyre certainly welcomed by us
  7. agreed with Jaydeejohn, there is still a huge demand for the 5xxx cards. Supply has been on the low side every since release, and productions are starting to vamp up now, but I don't think you should expect any huge price drops anytime soon.
  8. ^+1
  9. Ok, so i should probably see and wait for the Fermi to come out then decide on the card?
  10. Quote:
    5870 LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And your point is...?
  11. I cant wait to see the gt300s...and no offence but i prefer nvidia(just cause i have an sli mobo) so i dont think i will ever go ati again. if you have no reason to upgrade then simply dont. until the fermi awesomeness comes out i am gonna stick to my gts 250 : )
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