Is stock cooler enough for overclocking?

Is the stock cooler enough to overclock an FX 4170 or Phenom II x4 965?
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  1. Don't even try.

    A cheap alternative is the Cooler Master Hyper 212+ or EVO.
  2. Not even just 300 MHz?
  3. just 300mhz ... as long as fulload stress test below 57C will be fine
  4. I would be using after market thermal paste, if that makes a difference. Cooler Master MX4
  5. Err Arctic Cooling
  6. not too much
  7. What do you think would be a stable over clock? I would be using a 600 Watt PSU, 1333 RAM, and a Rosewill Challenger.
  8. i don't know stable or not it all depend your setting, you must test it for to know ... if temperature over 57C you must stop. and go default or get aftermarket cooler ... like Amuffin said , he is good one
  9. You'll most likely see a 1-2C AT MOST difference between the stock paste and the MX-4.
  10. So a better cooler outweighs better thermal paste?
  11. new cooler + thermalpaste mx4 better than new cooler + stock thermal paste, new cooler + stock thermal paste more better than stock cooler + new thermal paste
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