Rate my new system - core i7 860 + Video Card recommendation


Any comments, suggestion or recommandtion is appreciate,

I am mostly using my core i7 for extensive labs with 10 or more virtual machines with GSM3 for cisco virtualization and for part time heavy gaming. I am not impressed so far, i dont see much improvement from my old rig. Im using my old 8800gts in my new rig but i want to buy a new one. I havent tried to overclock this new 1156 socket yet as i didnt read much so far. As far as is understand it, the FSB is replaced by BLCK and the multiplier works the same am i right?

old rig
Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 oc'ed 3.6ghz
6g OCZ GOLD DDr2-800 CL5
Gigabyte EP45-UD3R
nVidia 8800gts
RAID0 2x Seagate 320g 16m Cache 7200rpm

new rig
Intel core i7 860 (stock speed)
8G gskills DDr3-1600 CL7
Gigabyte P55-UD3R
nVidia 8800gts ---- Need a new one
RAID0 2x WD 250g 16m Cache 7200rpm

I am wondering about the crossfirex settings of this P55 board, it allows 16x + x4 mode or 8x + 8x mode.
What would be the best setup with this case? Can i use a high end card to fill up the x16 and a low end for the x4? or when i use both pcie slot it goes to 8x 8x automaticly?
Money/performance wise what should i go for?

Another concern, i dont see much of a difference with my old computer, are SSD drives realy worth a try in my case?
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  1. If you follow the guidelines from the link in my signature, we could help you out a lot.

    What are you doing that you don't see much improvement? Gaming or everything else? If it's gaming, that's because your old GPU is a big handicap. If it's everything else, you should try overclocking the i7 to see if that's the cause. I recommend the Coolermaster Hyper 212 heatsink/fan. It gives excellent cooling, and is cheap at $30.

    For what you're doing, you really should have stepped it up to an i7-920/1366 system. It would have only added $150 to the cost for a lot of performance. But what's done is done...

    With that board, two cards in Crossfire will run at 4x/4x. This makes it almost worthless to have two cards.

    The card you should get depends on your budget. If you've got a huge one, get an HD 5870 ($400) or HD 5970 ($650+). If it's lower than that, the HD 5850 is a great card. If you use CUDA or PhysX, wait for the Fermi to come out in mid-March (so you might be able to get it sometime in the summer).

    I'm told that SSDs are the single upgrade that everyone will notice every time you use the computer. I wouldn't know, because it's not worth the $300-400 you have to shell out. You get a little bit of time cut from booting, and fractions of a second in starting programs.
  2. Get a new gpu ati 5850 or something like that..
  3. I have no idea bout your virtual machines, but if you are not seeing any gaming performance increase its because you are using the same graphics card. A 5850 will be twice as fast, a 5870 even faster than that.
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