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Corsair Force 3 SSD Problems

Hey guys I've been experiencing a lot of problems with my Corsair SSD Force 3 SSD.

First time round, the SSD would freeze up/ lag doing anything such as booting into windows , installing or updating anything, downloading, surfing the web etc.
The hard drive light would be full on and I would constatly have these random freeze ups.

Could not update the Firmware either as the Corsair SSD updater would not even recognise my drive , but Windows had no problem recognising it.

Spoke to Corsair and they wanted me to send them the drive to Taiwan for RMA.

Just recently a new SSD arrived from Corsair, installed Windows without a hitch.

This new drive works well when doing general things on the pc but as soon as I try to play a game, my pc freezes/lags when loading maps and in game play it just locks right up with the hard drive light on full and then returns after 10 - 20 seconds and the game either crashes to windows or just locks up completely and requires a hard reboot to get it working again.

I know its the SSD for sure as it does not freeze up when I use my othe WD hard drive.

I have had nothing but problems with the Corsair Force 3 SSD since purchase and have seen many others with similar problems to me.

I'm really dissapointed as I feel like I have wasted my money and time getting them to work without fail.

I'm getting the feeling that their Force 3 SSD's are faulty.

Any suggestions as what I can do?

Anyone else experiencing the same problems?
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  1. Hi monsta!

    checkout for new firmware and upgrade it! and see what happens! :)

    if i were you, i never bought sandforce 22xx based controllers! they are all the same, unreliable!
  2. I've just applied for an RMA for a 120Gb force 3 SSD because it continually spikes to 100% cpu usage, intermittently stalling the legacy machine (Fujitsu Amilo 3438G) completely, (not even mouse control available), and making it unusable. Needless to say, the original Samsung drive is OK.
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    There are several threads on here, and a 37page long on on the corsair forums about these drives. I had one with the same issues, rma'd it twice, updated firmware still had issues. They swapped it for a performance line one, lasted about 3 months then it died. They sent me a refurbished performance drive, after having to rma the thing 3 times in about 6 months and would not budge on that saying it was in their warranty to replace how they wanted. I sold it for $50, and ended up really pissed off about the whole ordeal. I will not even consider them as an ssd vendor in the future.
  4. Mmm - should have done more research! On reflection I think I will forget the Corsair RMA procedure and send it back to Ebuyer for a refund.... SSD seems to be rather in it's development infancy, so I wonder what to go for instead - I'm tempted by the Crucial, (more expensive!), equivalent Part #: CT1724635. At least they guarantee the compatibility with my machine. Time to do the research I should have done in the first place, I guess. Hindsight is a wonderful thing...

    [Edit] Further research seems to show that in this particular case at least, the problems may be due to an incompatibility with earlier VIA SATA drivers, but I've lost all confidence in the drive.
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