Western Digital External Harddisk Has Sort Of Like Tickling Kind Of Noise

My Western Digital External Harddisk has certain sound like tickling kind noise on and off, I don't like to hear that, what I worry most is about my important data. Can someone help???
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  1. How old is your drive?

    You also double posted. Cheers.
  2. That clicking noise your hearing is the read and write heads of the hard disk.

    If when in use you get a Loud Tick,Tick Tick noise its the read and write heads of the drive.
    But if the drive is old as said above its a sign for you to back up all of your data quick.
    And buy a new drive.
    The magnetic platters are on there way out.
  3. Well, it depends. Clicking is different than scratching. The only definitive way to tell is get SMART data from the drive and see how old it is.

  4. WD has tools on their site for testing the HD. The old file name was Data Lifeguard, but they might have changed the name.
  5. My seagate 7200.8 400GB HDD has always made noises when it runs. I thought it was normal. Its been running for 2 years with no problems. Always a good idea to make regular backups if it has anything important on it.
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