What options do I have in connecting CASE FANS?

The motherboard I have is Asrock z77 Extreme4:

Chassis and Power Fan connectors
1. CHA_FAN1 - (4-pin)
2. CHA_FAN2 - (3-pin)
3. CHA_FAN3 - (3-pin)
4. PWR_FAN1 - (3-pin)

CPU Fan Connectors
5. CPU_FAN1 - (4-pin)
6. CPU_FAN1 - (3-pin)

The case I want is the Coolermaster HAF XM with a total of 6 fans.

4 x 200 mm 3 pin fans. (top, side, front).
1 x 120 mm 4 pin fan. (for heatsink, hyper 212 evo).
1 x 140 mm 3 pin fan. (exhaust).

What kind of options do I have as far as connections/adapters if I don't want my fans running at full speed/ability to control fan speeds through voltage or PWM and do not want to purchase a fan controller?

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  1. You can't plug them all inot the mobo obviously and the only two options really are the two you have specified against,
    I would have suggested the fancontroller option over 100% speed from Psu though
    **Edit, last option is to choose which two fans to not have connected (One if your Cpu cooler only has one fan)
  2. You can use a PWM "Y" adapter. It will allow you to connect two fans to one MOBO header, though both fans will have to be running at the same speed.

    Some of the cheaper adapters require that you cut the fourth wire (that sends RPMs to motherboard) in order to get both fans to work on one header.
  3. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16812718001

    Okay, something like this has (2) 4-pin connectors, but (1) of them already has the RPM signal cut, so it's a 4-pin enclosure with 3 pins.

    Can the 3-pin connectors be controlled by the BIOS even though they're 3 pinned? The manual says that Chassis Fan 2 and 3 support Fan Control.
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