How do I delete hidden data I did not put on my hd?

Hello All,

I did a fresh install of windows. The used space was 3.75 Gigs.
I opened a couple of rar files, and saved the data to a flashdrive.
Why does my hd now have 5.17 Gigs of used space, I did not save ANYTHING to the hd.

I looked at where the extra space is, and it appears that this in in the windows "documents and settings" folder. The size of this folder is the exact amount that I am missing. How do I delete this data that I did not put on the hd!

I opened the recycle bin, and it is not there to empty.
Why does this data have to be in a "hidden" place that I cannot delete? :heink:
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  2. my hidden files are enabled

    I'm going to look and see what's there
  3. Okay, I'm getting back to you on this one:

    Google takes up 350 MB -- WOW!
    And there is 1.70 Gigs in my Temp folder...

    AWESOME! Problem solved. You know, there's something that I noticed about you Hawkeye22, you really seem to have an eye for detail. And in many cases, and this one, it has helped to solve the issue.

    Thanx Hawkeye22!!!!!!!!!!
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  5. there's something that I noticed about you Hawkeye22, you really seem to have an eye for detail.

    It's his 'awk eyes wot does it. :D

    If you go into the Windows folder then Software Distribution>Download you can safely delete everything that came with the 130 odd updates you should have had when you installed SP3. You did install SP3 didn't you Cap'n?

  6. Sagalout,
    Hey bro, good to hear from you!

    No, I do not have SP3 installed -- I am running SP2. I have heard SP3 is "buggy" and not all that great, so unless I have to use it, or perfect it better, I tend to shy away from this installation. Thanx for the tip though.

    And by the way, I have turned off Windows automatic updates if that's what you are talking about when you refer to "updates"... But if by "updates", you are talking about SP3, then this is not an issue.

    All unaccounted space has officially been accounted for now!

    Thank you Sagalout.

    However, now that you are talking about deleting hidden data, is there a way to delete all of the system restore save files?

    This was the reason why my other computer crashed: because I could not delete this hidden data!

    Capain Kirk

  7. You delete those files by turning System Restore off in Control Panel?System then restarting the machine. That gets rid of the stored data. Turn it back on but set the percentage of disk space so there's only about 2Gb taken up. That keeps the clutter down.

    I don't regard SP3 as buggy but I know some folks do. Fact is, though, XP without it is unsupported so you don't get things like IE8 or the monthly Malicious Software Removal Tool or any other updates. The choice is yours but I believe a system is vulnerable with that service pack.

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