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SONY VAIO PCG-GRT55/B Driver problems

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July 27, 2004 7:08:38 AM

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Can anyone help. Im sat at this laptop trying like mad to find out whats
in the Dam thing. Heres the process Ive been through since I bought it
last week. Second Hand might I add...

Computer wouldnt boot, windows corrupt
Format Hard drive
Install windows xp pro
NO INSTALATION DISC CAME WITH LAPTOP. Therefore I have no drivers for
chipset, sound, display, usual drivers that come on your start up disc.
Sonys driver site dont have the model number in their system because I
think its from china. How can I find out whats in it and update the
drivers?Ive mailed sony too..From the stickers I know its a new ish one as
its got a dvd burner, tv giga pocket engine m, 1.8ghz celron, 15xga,

Any Tips welcome.
Please mail me at DJMRDJ@AOL.COM

February 21, 2009 9:59:22 PM

this is how pros like me do it. but you can too.

it's difficult and boring but here goes,,ready?
1. download a tool called "everest free edition"
2. run the tool, it tells you the name of all your drivers and their version
3. search individualy for each driver example "realtec 3.1, or intel 2200bg ect.."

it doesn't matter where they come from "google" is best to search with.
and that's how it works!

download everest from:
and to search for drivers on google, if example your wireless driver is called intel 2200bg you go to google and type this: intel bg2200 driver download