Acer 4310 laptop no wireless connection

hello guys i need help on my laptop acer 4310 laptop it show on my system tray i have connection but when i click my internet there's no connction what should i do? can you guys help me on this pls thanks
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  1. More info needed before you'll get much response.
  2. Does it have a built in wi-fi card? if not you can get a usb plug in model, what type of router do you have if any, and modem?
  3. Hello guys, how can i find the wireless configuration of my laptop? so that i can check my WLAN, coz' my laptop ASPIRE 4310 cant find the WIRELESS CONNECTION.. and also i can check my WI-FI Password or if my New WI-FI connection is working to my Laptop? Please Help me.. im begging you guys or if someone can help me with this problem. THANKS! GOD BLESS YOU GUYS..
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