How much is my computer worth

I have a quite good gaming computer that i'd like to sell the specs as follows
Asus, Quad core 2.7 GHZ
4 GB DDR 2 ram
500 GB HD
Win 7 Ultimate
GeForce 9800
I don't want to salvage anything and sell it seperatly I want to sell it as a hole
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  1. You'll need to give more detailed specs than that. What motherboard, what processor, what RAM, what HDD, what model GPU, and especially what model PSU.
  2. Without more specific information I can't give an accurate estimate of the value of your system. At a minimum $400 although I can't say for sure since that quad core could be one of many different models.
  3. I can't get all the details at the moment due to fedex having my computer at the moment, but The HDD is barracuda, Processor is intel, the rest will come soon.
  4. Did you buy it as a complete system or build it yourself?
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